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Freeze Dried Baby Shredded Chicken

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Product Description

Q Baby Market are the FIRST in Malaysia: Freeze Dried Meat Floss / Shredded Powder

❤️Q baby Market freeze-dried shredded chicken meat powder & freeze-dried salmon floss with a finer fiber than the traditional meat floss (BakHu/Yuk Sung).

❤️Freeze-dried meat is totally dried meat product with a light and fluffy texture and original color. No added sugar, salt andflavor enhancer. Therefore, the sodium content is super low which is suitable for the infants (6 month+) daily consumption.

❤️【Freeze-dried food is relatively healthy】

👶🏻Authentic natural flavour: healthy, nutritious & delicious flavour

👶🏻Keeps 97% of its original nutritional value, in other word: only loses 3% of its nutrients.

👶🏻Particularly suitable for infants and elderly to consume as it is easy to digest and absorb

👶🏻Sprinkle over any meal: congee, noodles, rice, soup etc

👶🏻Convenient, tastes good and time saving for household chores

👶🏻Great solution for healthy & delicious meal for busy schedule working parents

👶🏻Easy and convenient to use on-the-go

👶🏻Suitable for starting solid food for 6-month-old babies, as long as they are not sensitive to ingredients

⚠️No refrigeration is required, keep in cool dry place avoid direct under sunlight

✅100% Zero Added

✅100% Natural Premium selected Salmon / Chicken

✅ Freeze Dried Process

✅ No added oil

✅ Non Fry (will cause nutrients loss)

✅ Non Fried (will cause nutrients loss)

✅ Non Bake (will cause nutrients loss)

✅ No Heaty

✅ Remain high nutrient as fresh!

✅ Easy Carry


-GMP Certification

-HACCP Certification

👍🏻 Gluten Free

👍🏻 No Preservatives

👍🏻 No Additives

👍🏻 No added Sugar & Salt

👍🏻No MSG

👍🏻No Artificial flavor

👍🏻 No Artificial Colors

👍🏻 No Trans Fat

【Freeze Dried baby Shredded Chicken Powder】

❤️Made with 100% antibiotic-free chicken

❤️No additive & no filler from starch

❤️No sugar, no salt, no flavouring, no coloring

❤️Saturated fatty acid content in chicken is lower than the other meat so this is better for babies & elderly

❤️According to the MOH Malaysia, Chicken is one of the best sources of protein 

❤️The lean protein in chicken is an excellent source of amino acids

❤️Protein enhances babies’ immune system.

❤️Babies’ growth requires new cells formation & it takes a lot of protein.

❤️Sufficient supply of protein helps to speed up wound healing and cell repairment process.

❤️Babies achieve their ideal weights & height by consuming enough protein

❤️ One box net weight: 40g

❤️Q Baby Market全马第一家引进肉类冻干技术

❤️Q baby Market冻干技术肉丝粉/松是比一般市场售卖肉松纤维更细小的酥状肉松,冻干技术肉丝粉/肉松呈天然原肉色泽。不添加糖、盐、调味素;因此钠含量比一般肉松要低更适合宝宝日常食用。





👶🏻肉类、海产中的营养成分完整保留,高达97% 以上





👶🏻轻便于携带 ,带娃出外神器


⚠️常温阴凉下可长期保存 ,无需冷藏

✅100% 零添加










-GMP Certification✅

-HACCP Certification✅














❤️根据马来西亚卫生部Suku Suku separuh, 鸡肉是蛋白质的重要来源之一