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Organic Baby Pearl Germ Rice

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Product Description

Raising up a baby is the adventure of a lifetime. Discover the reason to choose Q Baby Market Pearl Baby Germ Rice:

🌱Certified from as 100% Organic Farm

🌱Our Baby Pearl Germ Rice was nurtured by Natural Mountain Spring Water in Taiwan: fresh, pure and without any pollutants.

🌱 Our Baby Pearl Germ rice only harvested only ONCE PER YEAR to make sure rice crops are grown to its utmost for obtain most nutrients level. After harvest, our soil will be restoring by most organic & sustainable method to increase soil nutrients naturally.

🌱Legume (Sesbania Cannabina) sustainable agricultural systems was implement: Protect our Mother Earth

🌱Soil restoration by legume (Sesbania Cannabina) recovery: After harvesting, farmer will let the soil to “rest” 7 months by planting legumes. With this unique cropping system, greatly enhance the fertility of the soil and increase nutrients uptake of paddy. As a result, no chemical fertilizer is needed.

And because of above reason, the paddy only harvest once a year. This make our Q baby Market Pearl Germ Rice is very precious & unique from others Germ Rice in market. Of course best choice for your baby.

Germ Rice VS Pearl Baby Germ Rice

Germ Rice retains the germ part and biological activity to the maximum extent, so it is also called "live rice". For this reason, Q baby market decided direct import from Taiwan although the price is higher and still new to many parents.

Unlike others brand’s Germ Rice, We are BABY GERM RICE!

Will Baby germ rice cause tummy bloated?

Normal germ rice contains higher rice bran which can cause digestive burden to babies and elderly. Due to this, Q Baby Market invented precise polishing technology to remove the rice husk and left not less than 15% the bran layer to produce BABY PEARL GERM RICE.

Our Baby Pearl Germ rice is soft, easy to cook & so gentle on baby’s tummy as well as elderly.

Benefits from Q baby market Pearl Germ Rice:

With the right ratio of remaining of the rice bran, Q Baby Market Baby Germ rice is sufficient to provide plenty of nutrients for baby. Being the most nutritious parts of the grain, germ are rich in vitamin B, unsaturated fatty acids, phytol, dietary fiber, minerals and more. GERM is Small but mighty!

❤️Booster of immune system

❤️Gentle on digestive system

❤️Complete Nutrients from100% whole grain Baby Pearl Germ Rice: Germ/Endosperm/Rice Bran

❤️Goodness from the GERM & the best taste for baby

❤️Gluten free

❤️GMO Free

❤️ Super SAFE: The heavy metal test is much below MOH requirement

❤️Per Pack 600gm

❤️Direct Import From Taiwan

❤️100% No addition, No bleaching, No chemical

 🌾Using a special grinding technology to removes the rice bran skin that is difficult to digest, and retains 15% of the nutritious rice bran, so there is no need worry about the flatulence of after baby consume it.

❤️Suitable 6month above baby & all age

🌾Organic Pearl Germ Rice Benefits:

-Vatamin E

-Vatamin B1


-High Protien


-Calcium,Iron,Zinc etc

👶🏻❤️【3in 1 complete whole germ grain dissolves easily while cooking, making it easier for your little one to digest and absorb the rice nutrients】

Q Baby Market有机宝宝珍珠胚芽米👶🏻👧🏻❤️👩🏻👨🏻

🌱Q Baby Market有机宝宝珍珠胚芽米是由台湾天然的洁净山泉水灌输环境成长


🌱Q Baby Market有机宝宝珍珠胚芽米含丰富天然植物田青施肥的土壤中生长,粒粒有机宝宝珍珠胚芽米含非常饱满营养价值。

Q Baby Market有机宝宝珍珠胚芽米除了独一无二含2种胚芽米以外,一般的胚芽米含有较高的米糠,会对婴儿和老年人造成消化负担。因此,Q Baby Market首创精确的研磨技术来去除稻壳,我们的宝宝珍珠胚芽米是在精准处理去掉大米难消化的外皮过程中保留了胚芽,胚乳,15%米糠纤维营养,顾名思义,胚芽的部分是整个大米中营养成份最高的部分。而因为大米在碾磨加工过程中,很难将胚芽完整地保留下来,所以不良率很高生产胚芽米需要很高的工艺成本及耗损。需要非常精准特别处理技术适合宝宝吃的胚芽米,还需要留胚率达到精准处理适合宝宝易消化及保留最高的营养价值的大米才能成为宝宝胚芽米❤️👶🏻💋


 ❤️ 呵护宝宝娇嫩的肠胃

 ❤️ 增强免疫系统





 ❤️非基因改造, 无麦麸

 ❤️ 重金属测试低于符合马来西亚婴儿食品标准,非常安全适合宝宝。


 ❤️Q Baby Market有机珍珠胚芽米来自台湾








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