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Organic Black Bean Soy Sauce

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Product Description

❤️Q Baby Market Organic Black Bean Soy Sauce is made from 100% organic & non-GMO black beans without adding any preservatives as well as additives.

❤️Each drop of sauce is brewed under the sun for 365 days to create a rich aroma that is distinctly Q Baby Market Organic Black Bean Soy Sauce. The entire brewing process is fulfilling to hygienic & traditional methods. Simply not just tastier but healthier. Sterilization is used to kill harmful germs to protect your beloved little one & preggy.

❤️Our Organic Black Bean Soy Sauce is rich and full-bodies flavour with very less salty than regular soy sauce. Suitable for all age, best healthy cooking partner for preparing nutritious meal for family or just use it as dipping to enhance your favourite food.

❤️How to choose soy sauce?

Soy sauce is a darken liquid brew from soybeans, water and salt. We can find 3 type of soy sauce in our market: naturally brewed by fermentation and chemically produced.

-Naturally brewed soy sauce is fermented for months or years.

-Naturally brewed soy sauce has an aroma and complexity of flavor. This natural brewing is slow and take time but worth it!

❌Chemical hydrolyzed soy sauce or non-brewed soy sauce can be produced quickly within days, a mixture of hydrolyzed soy protein and flavorings such as corn syrup and caramel. Often called: “Industrial soy sauce” is cheap and it only have one-note-salty

❌Condiment, Often confused by called “Special blend Soy sauce” : Condiment contains additives and preservatives that are inappropriate for babies and contain hidden allergens like sesame, Mirin(alcohol),wheat, added sugar or artificial sweeteners. Your baby shouldn’t have any of these.

👉🏻Rules of thumb: Natural brew with hygienic process. Read labels carefully and, when in doubt, put it back on shelf.

❤️Q Baby Market Organic Black Bean Soy Sauce Made from only 3 ingredients:

Selected non-GMO organic black beans, salt and water, brewed in a natural and traditional way through the “sun bath” : 365 days of warm sunshine. Each bottle of soy sauce is treated with high-tech food sterilization: kill the harmful germs to protect your loved one's health: especially babies, elderly and pregnant mothers.

❤️Q Baby Market Organic Soy Sauce made with Simple Ingredients:

✅selected non-GMO organic black beans, salt and water

❌Not condiments sauce : No additional salt, sugar, kelp extract(Kombu extract), mirin (cooking wine), yeast extract or other seasonings are added

❤️Traditional brewing method:

Natural fermented soy sauce: Directly fermented with beans and special strains. Not Chemically produce nor condiment.

✅Brewed with non-GMO organic black beans for one year (365 days)

✅100% no added wheat, gluten free

✅High-tech hygiene food sterilization

✅Suitable for vegetarians

✅Baby companion, care for the family

✅The aroma is rounded, full of flavor and the taste is light

✅enhance fragrance of your favorite dishes, does not add too much saltiness

❤️Non-GMO organic black beans

❤️MSG Free

❤️Sugars Free

❤️Wheat Free

❤️No added artificial colors

❤️No added artificial flavoring

❤️No preservatives

❤️No added food additives

❤️No added corn syrup

❤️No Sweetener

❤️No added fructose

❤️No alcohol

✅No 3-MCPD (cancer causing compound)

❌Not condiments sauce

❌Not Artificial chemical synthetic soy sauce

✅Third party certification from SGS

❤️Certified organic agricultural products in Taiwan

❤️Agricultural Products Processing Verification Center of Chaoyang University of Science and Technology: Organic Agricultural Product Certification

❤️Suitable for all age group👶🏻👧🏻👦🏻👩🏻👨🏻👵🏼👴🏻

👉🏻Warming Reminder: Once opening please keep in refrigerate

👩🏻‍🔬Sincerely from Q Baby Market Teams:

If precious little cutie pie is not facing any problems with too bland flavour & picky eating, there is no need to add extra seasoning.

We truly hope every baby enjoy salt-free, sugar-free dishes❤️👶🏻💋

❤️Q Baby Market 有机黑豆酱油是由非转基因 100% 有机黑豆制成,不添加任何防腐剂和化学添加剂。

❤️每一滴酱汁都在阳光下365天酿造,散发出浓郁的香气独特的Q Baby Market有机黑豆酱油。 整个酿造过程符合卫生和传统方法。 不仅更美味,而且更健康。 每瓶都经过严格专业高温杀菌用于杀死有害细菌,以保护您心爱的宝贝,孕妇和一家大小。

❤️我们的有机黑豆酱油味道浓郁浓郁,比普通酱油更少咸。 适合所有年龄段,是为家人准备营养各种餐点的最佳健康烹饪伙伴,或仅用作蘸料来增强健康美味您喜爱的食物。


酱油只是一种调味料,千万不要为标签上“更营养”买单。酱油使用量少,根本不能达到补充蛋白质、丰富维生素B 群的果效。
Q Baby Market Organic Black Bean Soy Sauce
仅用简单 种原料:精选非转基因 有机黑豆、盐、水,以天然传统方式历经时间的洗礼:365天温暖阳光下酿制而成。每一瓶佳酿酱油都经过高科技卫生处理:卫生食品杀菌;消灭害菌守护您爱人的健康尤其是小宝宝、长辈与孕妈妈                                    






















❌无 3-MCPD 致癌物



✅SGS 第三方产品认证




👉🏻温馨提醒:  我们的有机黑豆酱油因无防腐剂又低盐,所以开封后请记得放入冰箱冷藏

👩🏻‍🔬Q Baby Market Teams真心温馨提醒及建议,如果妈咪们的宝贝没有面对任何挑食问题,没有任何烹饪调味需求等